Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Re-assessing my style

I am not a fashionista.

It's not that I don't like fashion (well, sometimes I don't like some fashions because I think they're completely ridiculous), it's just that fashion isn't all that important to me, especially as a stay-at-home-mum living essentially in the middle of nowhere, where trackies (track suit pants) and moccies (moccasins or slippers) are just as acceptable as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

But I've been thinking lately that the style of clothing that I keep going for is either too old for me, or 10 (maybe even 20) years ago.  And even though I don't have the opportunity to get dressed up very often, I'd like to shake up my daily wardrobe anyway.

So I spent some time looking at pages responding to the Google search "how to change your style".  One that really caught my attention talked about having a 10-piece wardrobe!  Now that is my idea of a wardrobe :-D  I've ordered her book and will let you know if I find it interesting and easily applicable ;-)  And she has a website if you want to check it out.

I worked out that in summer the styles I love are Bohemian and Surfy/Sporty, but in winter I like Classic or Preppy styles.  In summer I like to wear floaty, lightweight, light coloured, relaxed clothes.  But in winter I like to go for the crisp lines of well-fitting pants, or a gorgeous pencil skirt, shirts and jackets.

Then I wasted a LOT of time looking at websites like Gap, Kathmandu and Birdsnest, pinning the outfits that got my attention.

As I looked through, I realised that some of the items of clothing in my wardrobe are still the style that I want to wear - I just need to wear them differently or pair them up with other things that what I normally wear.

And accessorize.  I'm really bad at that these days.  I think when I had the Little Big Fella I started to ignore all of my jewellery in particular, because having it pulled is a big fat pain in the butt!  But it's time to get back to accessories!

So now with my new styles in mind, along with the current pieces I own, next time I go shopping I'm thinking I'll be coming home with something a little bit different.  (Excited little squeal!)


  1. Wishing I could take that shopping road trip with you! I'd love to be there are you got all excited and found cool (and naturally all the bargains that we would sniff out)....And of course I'd be there to administer the cuddles at the tantrum stage if trying on bra's or jeans or swimsuits or formal dresses (the main culprits of crying I think - why on earth you need a formal dress is beyond me but thats beside the point). There are some friends that going shopping with is a BAD idea becasue they are unhelpful, impatient or make you feel even worse about yourself then we tend to make ourselves feel....then there are those people with an excellent eye and they see the lines that would work well, they know how to frame issues with clothing in a positive light while still ensuring that item of clothing doesn't approach the checkout counter....ahhh the fun of a good shopping trip :)

    As for you, I think you're very much a classic girl and while you could EASILY manage outrageous things if youw anted to (and you'd have to want to because with that stuff its ALL about the confidence baby) I can see you with the well cut lines, especially a-line related stuff, blocked colour, single colour outfits to highlight your height well, appropriate shoes to highlight your long legs and the casual style of summer that says, "Hey! Come have a drink with me :)" and you laugh away :). Yep I can see it all and its FUN and I love it...and now it sounds like I'm in love with you! Oops!

    We should do a shopping road trip (even if it follows straight after a collection from the airport) my next visit :).

    Love you muchly xo

    1. Thanks for the massive smile :-D Absolutely would LOVE to go shopping with you! Maybe when I'm down there in July, if not before?

      I think I'm really lucky to have some amazing shopping buddies - you, Mum, Jules, Christy - you're all fantastic and realistic and enthusiastic :-D

      And yep, I think I'm discovering that I am basically classic, but the weather here requires lightweight and casual in the summer. What a pity that I have to switch styles throughout the year ;-)

      Love you too!!!