Sunday, 7 April 2013

MORE Changes!

If you've been following along, we've obviously been making some changes to furniture and use of space in our little house.  This has been partially inspired by the new paint and kitchen provided by the company the Big Fella works for, who own the house.

Well, this coming week our new dining table and chairs, buffet, TV stand and wine rack should be arriving!  Yay!

Obviously, that means getting rid of the stuff we already have, right?

Well, I took photos of the furniture we wanted to sell and put them up on our local Buy/Swap/Sell page on Facebook.  And it's nearly all gone!  We are dining table-less for the next day and a half, which could be interesting :-D

Added to the furniture that's now gone, we've moved our massive bookshelf from the lounge room to the office.

My living area looks so bare!  Wanna see?  It's a bit messy and desperately needs to be vacuumed, but I'm thinking you won't care about that :-D

That big, empty space over there?  That's where the table and chairs were until lunchtime today.  And the window closest to the door?  That's where our buffet was.

Obviously the space at the front is where the dining table was.  The chair thingy with the bags on it and shoes on the little shelf (on the left) will be going tomorrow.  That big space on the wall behind the couch is where the big bookshelf was and where the new TV unit is planning to go.

And here's the little disaster my lovely new office has temporarily turned into. The bookshelf on the right is the one from the lounge room, storing not only books but items that will go in the new buffet, and the bookshelf on the left is the one that matches our new desk etc.  It has a couple of filing drawers in the bottom and is rather useful!  All that crafty stuff all over it needs... re-packaging ;-)

So there you go, more things changing in our house!  I think we're nearly done though.  Which is kind of good, because having everything so messy and all over the place really does my head in!!!

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