Thursday, 31 January 2013

A wonderful day

It's funny.  When I think about the day we've just had, it doesn't seem all that fantastic.  And perhaps, if we did the same activities on another day, it would seem like just a good, or regular day.

But looking back on today, I feel wonderful.  I feel happy.  I feel closer to my Fellas.

We got up early and travelled to our nearest large town.  We did a little shopping and then the Fellas took off to the outdoors and gun shop, while I went and spent some of a Christmas voucher the Big Fella gave me.

After lunch at KFC, we headed off to the dam nearby and spent a couple of hours splashing in the water, exploring and skipping stones.  And laughing.  There was a lot of laughing!

And I guess that's why it was such a wonderful day.  We spent time together, playing and laughing.  I think that days like today, particularly moments like those, are the times all these inspirational posters that say, "live, laugh, love" are about.

We got to live together, making the most of the moment, laughing and learning to love one another more.  If only we could all have more of these kinds of days - acknowledging the beauty in life and one another!

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