Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year? Bah, humbug!

You might have noticed that I like the Christmas period... just a little bit.  But when it comes to New Years, I am so bah, humbug!

I've been trying for three days to write a 2012 review and/or 2013 plans post but it's just not working for me.  I'm not a new year resolution kind of gal, and generally I'd rather go to bed early then wake up with the sunrise for the New Year.  So, seeing that my heart just isn't in it, I'm moving on!

Yesterday the Little Big Fella "discovered" a bunch of little presents in a box from my parents.  He'd already opened it on Christmas Day but didn't really pay attention at the time.  But on discovering paints in the box, it was on!

We got out the messy mat and an old t-shirt of mine to protect his clothes then I let him go for it with the paints while I took photos :-D  He ended up painting his fingernails (guess what Mummy's been doing lately that's slightly unusual!) and getting it all over his hands!

For some reason I've also had a bit of a clean out bug over the past week so I've been going through the cupboards and drawers and tossing lots of stuff into bags for the Salvos.  So far I have three and a half garbage bags of clothes and linen, about 3 shopping bags of toys and a bag of Christmas decorations all loaded up in the car for the next time I go in that direction.

I also started copying all of my photos from CDs to an external hard drive today.  Seriously big job!  Mostly because I get distracted :-D  I got to remember lots of fun times so I thought I'd share a few of them here:

You've seen this one before, but here's my little boy learning to ride his motorbike.

My 21st birthday!  Isn't this cake cool?  Unfortunately the staff at the restaurant threw out all of the toffee pieces :-(  Fun night though!

This is Alvin.  He was one of our first attempts at owning chooks and ducks.  Yeah, that didn't turn out so well!  The first three chicks all died, then Alvin was all alone so he moved to a new place with lots of ducks.

The Big Fella and I remember this photo being taken.  It was one of the most awkward moments EVER!  We were keen on each other but not together and our friend who took the photo kept trying to get us to stand closer together.  Awkward.

The Little Big Fella was mucking around trying to get into one of our large suitcases around the time that the Big Fella was driving back and forth from here to our old place.  This photo makes me smile, but feel sad at the same time because it reminds me of how much we missed the Big Fella when we were living mostly apart.

Obviously our wedding.  We had so much fun that day and I thought he looked SO handsome in his suit!

This is my Big Fella trying to catch my sister's bouquet!

When we still lived in Victoria I danced with these girls.  For this concert we were dressed as dolls and danced to Gwen Stefani's "Tick Tock".

Here's my Little Big Fella in his first week of life!

The Big Fella and I lived with a couple in Darwin for a few weeks before we moved to our last town.  The couple were in their 60s and 80s and were hippies.  The bathroom that we used had about 12 or 14 of these little frogs in it all the time - they're only about 3cm long.  One day I was showering and screamed!  One of them must have been on my facecloth and had jumped onto my tummy!!!!  Once I realised what it was I laughed.

Here's my biggest fish catch ever!  A barramundi :-)

I finally graduated - it took me about 6 years and I didn't quite complete my degree so graduated with a diploma.

These are my grandparents - my Dad's parents.  I was stoked when I came across these photos on my CDs!

And in the front here are my other grandparents - my Mum's parents.  And all of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  We all stayed together for a weekend to celebrate, and dressed up for a bit of a fancy dinner on the Saturday night.

Here's a rare photo of us together - I think it's at Mossman Gorge.  This was definitely the worst holiday we've ever had, but it was good to see the photos and see that we actually had some good times amongst it all.

Lining up in the plastic bags are some of the staff where I worked.  The students got to throw plates of cream at them :-)

This is one of the Big Fella's favourite places!  A Polish deli with all kinds of meats and salamis and smallgoods.  We sometimes went here (it was about an hour from home), bought a whole bunch of things from this deli, and some breads and dips and whatever else caught our eye.  Then we'd find a park or just take it all home and eat it together.

Here's my best friend!  This was at my goodbye dinner before I left Victoria.

This was a constant source of amusement when the Little Big Fella was younger.  He'd often grab the vacuum cleaner from me to suck up his hair, skin, clothes or whatever.  It brought a lot of giggles :-)

This is one of the first times the Little Big Fella and I cooked together.  It's also the time that he fell backwards off the chair and bumped his head.  I ended up calling 13 HEALTH to check what I should be looking out for (in case he had a concussion) and they put me through to the ambulance.  The ambos were absolutely wonderful, and the Little Big Fella was back to his normal self by the time they got there (of course!).

This is the Little Big Fella on the "Little Red Tractor" with Poppy.  This is one of his absolute favourite things to do when we visit Poppy and he normally starts asking as soon as we get there (often before we've even walked in the door).  Luckily Poppy likes it too :-)

The Big Fella and I went to IMax 3D last time we were in Victoria (before the Little Big Fella was born).  There happened to be a group of school kids in the theatre with us and I screamed more than any of them when the shark appeared (it was a sea movie).

The Big Fella decided to smoke some meat using his BBQ.  Unfortunately he "smoked" the patio too - putting a hole in the roof and also on the side, behind the BBQ :-D

Ever wondered why I call myself "ScooterShell"?  This is me on my scooter, long before the Little Big Fella came along.  I ended up selling it while I was pregnant, and bought and awesome camera instead.  I loved my scooter, and one day I'll have a big one!!!!

I was a volunteer at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria, before we moved to Queensland.  It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed meeting lots of different people.

This is my Dad on the trampoline when we were kids.  Nothing like a parent jumping :-D

This is Poppy with his motorbike and sidecar.  When we first moved to Queensland we stayed with my grandparents for a couple of months and the Big Fella helped Poppy re-paint his bike and sidecar yellow :-)

Oh!  And I saw an idea on Facebook just before Christmas where you write down things that make you smile throughout the year and put them in a box.  Then at the end of the year you get to look at what a great year you've had!  So I started that tonight.

Wanna know what I wrote about?

Of course you do!

I wrote about the Little Big Fella and I having a jump on his new trampoline for about half an hour this evening, when he probably should have been having a shower.  We laughed and giggled and tickled and crashed into each other and had a great time.

Yeah, that's a good memory :-)

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