Friday, 16 November 2012

Scrap me happy!

This morning I got the chance to do something I haven't done in AGES!  I got to sit around a table with a bunch of friends and do some scrapbooking/paper craft.  And it was awesome!

Getting to chat with friends, while your kids are happily entertained (mostly outside), eating and drinking and being creative... what more could a girl want?

And the best thing is... we're going to do it again!  I don't know when, but it will definitely happen, possibly even regularly.  Yay!

And speaking of creative things, last night I decided on my outdoor theme for Christmas next year.  Yes, you read that correctly... next year.  The plan is too big to put together for this year!  I've even done a little plan on my computer, overlaying what I want to do on a photo of our house and yard.

No, you can't see it!  That would ruin the surprise!

I'm looking forward to Christmas this year (although I still have no idea what we're actually doing!).  Apparently there are quite a few people (my neighbours included) who go all out with Christmas lights and decorations.  Have I mentioned that I love Christmas lights?

On another note, I finally got around to making a bunch of appointments and phone calls yesterday.  You know how sometimes you just keep putting something off, even though it's only small and wouldn't take much time?  Phone calls are like that for me.

Speaking of phone calls, the Little Big Fella wanted to call his Nanna tonight when it was bed time.  He doesn't often ask to do that so I agreed.  Boy!  Can that kid talk!!!  And he gets so focused on one topic at a time that he doesn't even hear you respond or ask questions!  It was very entertaining listening to him telling Nanna all about giants and how big they are, and wondering if Daddy's gun would shoot them, and trying to figure out if they are inside books and so on and so on.  Nanna and Grandad enjoyed it (thankfully).  I think it's probably the longest conversation he's had with them!

The Big Fella has a couple of days off coming up so we're planning to go and discover another new swimming spot "nearby".  Hopefully it'll be wonderful and I'll get to tell you all about it and post some photos for you :-D

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