Thursday, 1 November 2012

It's about to get bu-sy!

I flipped my calendar over this morning for the new month.  Then I flipped!  November is nearly full and it's only just started!!!

Okay, yeah.  That's an exaggeration.  Sorry.

But we have at least one party every week this month and I know there will be other things coming up that aren't on the calendar yet.

And then there's Christmas in eight weeks (that's only four pay cycles for us!).  We don't even know what we're doing for Christmas this year!

Do we have a quiet Christmas here, just the three of us?

Do we go back to our old town and have a celebration with my grandparents and my sister and her family?

Do we do the massive drive down to spend the time with the Big Fella's family in our capital?

Do we splurge and fly down to Victoria and hang with the rest of the family?  (Sorry, as much as I know you Southerners would like that (and we would too, obviously), it's not going to happen :-(  But we'll see you mid year!!!!  (Have I mentioned I got P!nk tickets and I'm going with my brother and youngest sister????  Rather excited about that one!!!!))

I guess the big question for me at the moment is, "will I keep it all together?".  See, since I've had the Little Big Fella, I've started (unfortunately rather regularly) forgetting things.

I leave things behind.

I forget to call people.

I forget to tell the Big Fella important information or pass on messages.

You could probably call it "extended baby brain".  And it sucks!  I used to be so organised and rarely forgot anything, especially something important.  Sigh.  Another element of motherhood that I wasn't prepared for ;-)

C'est la vie!

This week has been great in that we've been getting together with friends around town that we haven't seen for a while.  We got to go to playgroup on Wednesday, and we went to the park yesterday (catching up with a friend who got married on their recent trip to Fiji), and had friends over to splash in our little pool today.  It's been especially great after being in the house with wet weather over the weekend.

Oh!  And the Little Big Fella ended up having a solo swimming lesson this week because everyone else was away.  I think it was great for him to develop a bit more confidence, and also for his teacher to see that she can push him further and he'll pretty much go with it.  His big thing at the moment is putting his face in the water - he'll only do it with his goggles on!!!

My little boy makes me so frustrated sometimes, then makes me giggle the next minute.  This morning he did my exercises with me, which always makes me laugh because he's just so darned cute!  Although, after a couple of minutes he said, "I've had enough now" and toddled off.

This afternoon he sat in front of the mirror pretending to be a pirate, with one hand over his eye, whilst eating a banana and saying to the pirate in the mirror, "Argh me hearty!  Does that banana taste good?".

Yesterday he was determined that he wanted to cook with me.  We had plenty of time so he got up on his chair and helped me cut up the vegetables and stir the sauce.  By the end I was frustrated because it was taking so long (I have a vague recollection of mum saying something similar!), but I was also really proud of how well he did.  I mean, he is only three and a half and here he was using (very) sharp knives and stirring food on the stove, pretty much like a pro (obviously with very close supervision).

Next year the Little Big Fella will be going to kindy (a year of play-based learning before starting school) and it will be a major milestone for us.  One of the first major points in time where I learn to let go, and he tackles a new level of independence.

Which, of course, gets me thinking about the other major milestones we'll eventually pass - first day of school, first day of high school, first visit to the Principal's office, first job, getting married, having his first child.

Which makes me appreciate this time that we have (even though I do find it rather frustrating as well) because it's such a unique period where I get to be with him all the time, and be part of every big and little step.  It won't last forever so I'll enjoy it now... and then enjoy the next stage too :-D

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