Thursday, 15 November 2012

Paddock photo session

The other day the Little Big Fella and I decided to go across the road to take a few pictures.  It was just one of those moments I guess.  Here's some of what we came up with!

Oh!  And on the weekend we went to the rifle range so that the Big Fella could test some of his re-loads and sight in a scope.  Of course, the Little Big Fella wanted a piece of the action.

Seriously, he is SO gun obsessed at the moment!  We had the playgroup Christmas party the other day and he received a ToyWorld voucher.  We went to ToyWorld on the way home.  Guess where he looked first!  Yep, the guns and swords aisle.  And he ended up with a bolt-action rifle, "just like Daddy's" that he can take to the range next time we go.  We literally have guns all over the house most days.

I'm sure he'll get over it... eventually!

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