Friday, 30 November 2012

Camping anyone?

When the Little Big Fella was about 6 months old, we decided to take a holiday.  As we hadn't really prepared for it, we decided to go the cheap option and camp our way up the coast (about 1600 kilometres).  We had a 6-person dome tent and a little bit of camping gear.

So, off we went!

It was, without a doubt, the worst holiday I have ever had!  The baby cried and needed feeding every couple of hours, and it turns out camping in a tent and the Big Fella just don't mix.  Something to do with uncomfortable beds and the inability to stand up.

We ended up staying in cabin vans after the first (disastrous) night and the baby suddenly discovered rolling.  He rolled off the couches and beds 4 times (you'd think I'd learn after the first or second time, right?) and cried his little heart out.

When we got up the coast the weather was wet and dreary and we just didn't enjoy ourselves.  Thankfully we did discover a place that we enjoyed on our last day before the long drive home.

Since that "holiday" we've looked at caravans, a huge range of tents, and a few camper trailers.  See, we like wood fires and camp-style cooking and being outdoors.  But it turns out we (as a family) need good beds and close bathroom facilities.

A couple of weeks ago the Big Fella came across a camper trailer on eBay.  It was fairly basic but also quite cheap.  We thought that we might be interested in buying a cheaper one then deciding if a) we'd use it much and b) what "extras" we might actually want and use.  He rang the guy up and had a chat with him and decided to place a bid.  Amazingly we won!  We are now the proud owners of a camper trailer!

A guy who works with the Big Fella agreed to pick the trailer up for us, as it was about nine hours drive away but kind of on his way "home".  And he dropped it off the other day.

So that afternoon we set it up in the back yard.  Ta da!

Surprisingly, the trailer came with no mattress.  I guess that's a good thing, but it means we can't use it until we get one.  (By the way, it takes a nearly full-sized King mattress!!!!)  And the annex walls are all held up with large velcro strips.  They were a little... tricky to put up properly.

But overall, we like it!  And it's in decent condition, so as soon as we get a couple of things together we'll be doing a trial run!  Then the plan is to take a trip about once a month next year, even if it's only a night or two close by.

Oh yeah!  I'm looking forward to this!!!!

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