Monday, 19 November 2012


Remember when I wrote about it starting to get hot here?  And that I didn't know how I would cope when actual summer comes along?  Here's the link if you want a review.

That was in September.  Now we're half way through November.  Still not summer here in the southern hemisphere.

I was talking to Mum on the phone the other night and apparently in Victoria they had heaters, slippers and warm sweaters on.  I was sitting in my shorts and t-shirt feeling a tad warm.

Yesterday it got to 37 degrees inside the house!  That's about 96 degrees Fahrenheit for those of you who need the translation.  And it was another degree or so on top of that outside.

We've had three days of really hot weather.  It was about 30 degrees at 7:30 in the morning one of those days, and this afternoon I was sitting reading my book under the fan and just... fell asleep!

I'm expiring!!!!

Thankfully the Big Fella bought a little blow-up pool that we've got set up on the grass and we've all spent a good amount of time in it the past few days.  I've taken to walking around in my wet swimmers because otherwise I feel like I'm going to lose the plot.

And once again, it's not even summer yet!

I quite like warm weather.  I don't even mind it being hot.  My biggest problem with it is that I'm going along just fine and then suddenly (and without realising what's happening) start over-heating.

Then I get cranky.

I mean, seriously cranky.  Like PMS on steroids!

Last night I was attempting to cook dinner in just such a state.  All of a sudden the Big Fella dumped a sopping wet cloth nappy over me!  After being cranky about that for a moment, I started to cool down and was able to finish making dinner without losing the plot at anyone.  And I was able to appreciate my wonderful, thoughtful husband who knows me so well and is able to deal with my... less-than-ideal moods.  Thanks honey :-)

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