Monday, 8 October 2012

A weekend of firsts!

We've had a few firsts over the last few days.  The other day at the park, the Little Big Fella was finally able to get up the half pipe and slide down on his own.  This is a pretty big deal here because all the kids go up there and sit and chat and slide and play.

He did get up to the top and sit there but he had much more fun sliding :-)

On Saturday I was getting ready to go to a 4th birthday party followed by a grown up party when I noticed something.

Is that what I think it is???

It IS!!!

Oh!  My!  Goodness!!!

Honey!  Check this out!!!  I have my first grey hair!!!!!

It's quite probably you can't see it, even with the arrow but I promise it's there.

Now, most people would be kind of distressed about this discovery.  Not me.  I was... kind of excited!  Talk about weird!  I don't know though, I felt like I should have had a grey hair a few years ago so it was exciting to finally reach this milestone in my life.

The parties turned out to be great fun.  The Little Big Fella ran (literally) non-stop for 6 hours!  He had an awesome time playing sword fights with the other boys and running and playing.  So much fun that he hardly ate a thing!  You know he's distracted when that happens!

So because he was having so much fun, I got to just sit back, relax, talk to people and be almost a regular adult without kids.  It was supremely pleasant :-)  And then the Big Fella turned up looking quite handsome and we shared a glass of wine (or two).  It was really, really great.

Today we had the first swimming lesson for the Little Big Fella at the new pool.  As pretty much expected, he lost the plot when it was time to get in the pool.  I knew it was just a bit of trepidation mixed with a little silliness so I picked him up and put him on the step in the water.  And what do you know?  The teacher carried him over to the little platform in the water with his other friends (thankfully 2 of the 3 other kids go to our playgroup so he already knew them) and he started jumping up and down with excitement.

The rest of the class he did what he was told and got all excited and had a blast!

And final first for the week - I had a butterfly land on me!  Even when I've been to the butterfly house at the zoo that's never happened so I was a little excited.  It even hung around long enough for me to take a pic!

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