Friday, 5 October 2012

Just like riding a bike?

When we lived in our previous town the Little Big Fella went to swimming lessons through the 4 school terms of the year, from the time that he was around 6 months old.  The pool we went to was indoor and heated and there were around 16 or so instructors.

But here (well, in the next town actually) they don't have an indoor pool and the pool they have is not heated at all.  And they only run lessons during 2 school terms - the spring/summer and summer/autumn terms.

Around midday today the Big Fella decided that he wanted to go to the pool and swim a few laps so he asked if we'd like to come.  Of course, given how much the Little Big Fella loves swimming I agreed.

You should have seen how excited he was!!!  I'm sorry, I forgot my camera so I can't show you, but he was bouncing all over the place, jumping and skipping and had his super-excited voice on.

Then we get in the pool and it is F.R.E.E.Z.I.N.G.!!!  Really, really cold!

Eventually we get over the temperature (kind of) and start playing in the kiddie pool while the Big Fella did some laps.  Then we decided to have a play in the big pool, which unfortunately meant I had to get more than my feet wet.

The thing is, at our last town the Little Big Fella had a couple of lessons in the pool without me (just with the instructor) and was floating and swimming at least 2 metres under the water by himself.  Today, he spluttered going only half a metre.

"Oh no!"  Inwardly I was totally stressing.  "He's due to start lessons on Monday and he's going to freak out and not be able to do anything and it's going to be horrible" etc. etc. etc.

But after half an hour of taking it slow, step by step, and easing him back into it, he had remembered most of what he'd been doing 6 months ago.  Phew!  I guess it's kind of like riding a bike?

Hopefully he'll be excited about his lesson on Monday, especially because two of his little friends will be in his class, and we won't have to repeat the crying, screaming stuff that we had in his first lesson without me :-o

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