Thursday, 25 October 2012

Look at me!!!

Recently the Little Big Fella has taken a liking to sitting in front of the mirror and... doing whatever really.

Today my Nutrimetics order arrived (I had a party two weeks ago) and I'd ordered some makeup.  So I got all my old makeup out and started tossing some stuff.  You know, lip gloss that has separated and probably not been used in 3 or 4 years, mascara that clogs as soon as you touch your eyelashes, pencils that are sharpened down so far you can't actually get them into the sharpener any more... you get the gist.

During this process I'd put my "stage" lipstick (super bright red) to one side, trying to decide if I'll ever need it again or if it's old enough to chuck anyway.

I then got to experimenting with some of my new stuff :-D  I discovered that one of the eyeliners I'd ordered has glitter in it!  Mildly excited about that - I love glitter :-D

After a little while the Little Big Fella comes in to the bathroom.

"Look at me mum!"

Thankfully my previous clowning experience taught me that a wipe with a cloth followed my a massage with sorbolene removes most stubborn makeup. He did have red/pink hair and one eyebrow for the rest of the day though :-D


  1. Wow!! Even with all that lipstick, he is a very handsome boy!

  2. Thanks Chris :-D I suspect that all that blonde hair and blue eyed cuteness is probably going to get us in trouble in the future though ;-D