Thursday, 18 October 2012

What a life!!!

Many, many times the Big Fella and I have commented that the Little Big Fella has an amazing life for a 3 year old.  He rides his push bike, has a motorbike, gets to play with friends all the time, swims, has plenty of toys, watches movies, and has all kinds of experiences that we wouldn’t have even dreamed possible at his age.

Yesterday we had another of those “what a life” conversations.

After the Big Fella got home from work, we decided to go to the little dam just past the next town.  We had a bit of a swim and splash around and the Little Big Fella got to swim on a lilo (inflatable mattress) for the first time.

We had a nice bit of reminiscing about our own lilo swimming memories.  Mine were mostly about swimming in the Murray River with family and friends and trying not to get swept into the strong current ;-)

Another family turned up with 3 boys and the Little Big Fella just made himself comfortable playing with them.  Their littlest had the funniest expression though - completely bewildered about why this strange boy was talking to him!

The boys all played together, attempting to skip stones (of course that was very amusing for us parents because most of them just sank, making great big splashes).

After a while the other family left and we were just about ready to get up and go when a guy started backing his boat trailer down the boat ramp next to us.  The Little Big Fella was fascinated, and when the guy parked his boat on the little “beach” next to us he started talking the poor man’s ear off.

Next thing you know the man has offered to take him for a ride!  So the three of us ended up having a lovely little trip around the dam as the sun was starting to go down, making the views absolutely stunning!  It was entirely pleasant!

The Little Big Fella loved watching the water go by the boat, and he checked out everything around it.  The guy then offered the Little Big Fella the steering wheel.  You’ve never seen a more excited kid!  And then he got his hand on the throttle!!!  I was a little bit nervous at that point!

We eventually headed back, said our thanks and got all our gear together.  On the way home we stopped at McDonald’s for an ice cream and nuggets for the Little Big Fella and a burger and coffee for the Big Fella.  The Little Big Fella then fell asleep before we got home.  Guess it was all the excitement of the afternoon :-D

Seriously, what a life!  And because he has such front he got to play with new friends and have a unique experience.  If this is the kind of stuff he gets to do at this age, imagine the kind of stuff he’s going to get up to throughout his lifetime!!!

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