Monday, 31 August 2015

The tension of the last minute

I realised late last week that we only had 6 weekends until our probably moving date, which promptly sent me into a list-making frenzy, which caused a bit of a freak out as I remembered how much work there is in packing and cleaning a house!

But I've finally done it!  I've finally packed my first boxes!  Not just sorted stuff out (because why would I pack stuff that I don't want/need???), but actually packed boxes!

Packing is a messy thing for me.  It takes up lots of room, and some packing can take lots of time.

All that stuff on the floor was in the open box.  I don't think I've looked through the things in this box since we moved here!  I've added, but not looked through, which is sad because this box holds reminders of wonderful people and times in my life.

There are (way too many) bits and pieces from when I was a child (including a project book I did in Grade 6 that I was particularly proud of), our wedding (including the flowers that my Aunt and cousin made for our cake), living overseas (photos, a baseball, journals), and the art and debris of an only child's first six years of life.

I'd been looking forward to, and slightly dreading, dealing with this box.

And as I made the mess and sorted my memories, I came across old friends, wonderful times, special moments.  My life has been full of good times and great people and I am so incredibly lucky!

But this box distracts me every time I move, and has hijacked my post!

So, I finally sorted and packed all of these wonderful memories, and moved the boxes downstairs, all stacked and ready to load into our new house where we'll make all kinds of new memories!

One room packed (well, packed enough for 6 weeks to go) and ready to move the furniture, remove the curtains and clean it top to bottom.  I am determined to follow my own advice from the last move, and start early, getting as much done each weekend as possible.

I had hoped to get a bit more cleaning done as well (ceiling fans and the tops of the kitchen cupboards are on my radar!), but I'll just have to tackle those throughout the week, or next weekend.

This morning I contacted our mortgage broker.  According to our contract, the finance needed to be finalised by today, and the contract would then be unconditional.  We'd been in contact last week and knew everything was moving along, but I was concerned that the bank wouldn't provide official approval in time to let the broker know, to let us know, to let the solicitors know, to let the seller's solicitors know, and that the whole thing would collapse.  (I know, first home buyer stress-head here!)

The mortgage broker assured me all was in process and they would follow up again after lunch.

By 1pm I had a whopping headache, completely caused by tension in my neck and shoulders.

I contacted the brokers again, who assured me they'd been talking to the guy at the bank who was handling our application and all was well.

At 3pm I contacted the brokers again with an email something along the lines of, "how's it all going?  What happens if it doesn't go through today?".  They said the bank had told them to call just before 4.

My headache was knocking me about and my stomach had joined in the fun, making me nauseous.

I texted my Mum who assured me that, "banks, like God, like to leave things to the last minute".  Have I ever mentioned how wise my mum is?

I finished work at 4 and called the broker.  She had been assisting another client and was about to call the bank again.  She told me the bank's computer system had issues, and that the part that allowed them to press the "approved" button wasn't working.  I was not to worry, she said.  She'd spoken to our solicitor, and if it wasn't sorted today, they could arrange for an extension on the conditional part of our contract.

Not worry.  Ha!  I don't know if my body could handle the stress!

I carried my phone on my person whilst I went to the petrol station.  I kept it on charge in the car.  I carried it in to collect the Little Big Fella from after-school care, and in to the post office.  If I'd gone to the bathroom, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would have had it in there too!!!

We got home and the Big Fella asked what was happening.  He laughed when I told him.  I didn't see the humour!

Just after 5pm, the Big Fella got a call on his mobile.  The loan has been approved and the documents will be in the mail for us to sign.  The solicitors have been informed.  Congratulations.


The tension started leaving immediately.  The Big Fella had a big grin.  Plans were made to get something bubbly to celebrate.

So, now it's really, really happening.  There's no going back now.  We will actually be moving at the start of October and we will have a pool and a wonderful back patio that we will practically live in 9 months of the year.  We will have a place that we can change and decorate anyway I feel (subject to finances, obviously).

Now I can go ahead and organise the electricity and phones and water.  We can finalise our wills.

And the packing up of my box of memories is not in vain.  I think when I unpack them in our new house, I'll store them in a way which makes it easier to go through them a little more often than once every 3 years ;-)

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