Sunday, 16 August 2015

And so it begins!

We have about seven weeks until settlement, assuming all goes well.  So this weekend the process of moving has begun.  And the thought of it all is exhausting me already!

I've started sorting out bits and pieces throughout the house.  I've taken bags of things to the Vinnie bins, and there's more room in my linen press than I've had... since we've been here I'd think!

But the Big Fella has really gotten into the mood!  He's filled the trailer with a load (so far), started digging up the plants we're taking with us, started clearing out the sheds and shipping container, pulled the blinds down outside the kitchen and the shadecloth on the Western side of the house, and today he pressure washed all the outside of the house.

Unfortunately, our house isn't water proof when you use the pressure washer, and there was dirty water on several of the inside walls (through the gaps in the windows, by the way).  This means that my inside cleaning had to begin already.  And it just reminded me of what a big job moving house is.

I'm SO glad the Big Fella will be helping this time around!!!  And that the Little Big Fella can entertain himself (and help a bit)!

I got to visit my next door neighbour this morning, who is no longer my next door neighbour as she moved to the next town a couple of months ago.  It was lovely to catch up and chat like old times, and see her new place and hear her plans for it.

Despite my trepidation about the actual process of moving (and especially the cleaning), seeing my friend reminded me that it will all be worth it and we're going to love the change!

Now if only I could do a little time travel and be at the other end!!!! ;-)

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