Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Discovering fillings

The Little Big Fella was super excited!  He had a follow-up appointment at the school dental van to get three fillings - his first ever!

Mummy, however, was having major flashbacks to needles, pain, discomfort and fear from visits to the school dental van as a primary school girl!

The Little Big Fella bounded out of the car and up to the van.  He read the sign that told him to knock and then step back off the stairs so that the door wouldn't knock him over.

Boy was he eager!!!

When the dentist opened the door, he just about stampeded his way in, but the dentist asked us to sit on the chairs and wait because they weren't quite ready for us.

Disappointment number 1!

A few minutes later they opened the door, and having been there for a check-up last week, the Little Big Fella made his way around to get on the examination chair.  But there was something on it!  He looked at the dental nurse as if to say, "what is that doing there?  Don't you know that's where I'm supposed to go?"  She made a funny noise and cleared the chair so that he could sit down.

My son is rather curious about a lot of things, especially anything mechanical (thanks Daddy!).  So the dentist let him turn the light on and adjust the examination chair's position.

Bad move, Doc!

From then on the Little Big Fella wanted to have a go at everything!!!!  "Mr Water" was a particular favourite (the drill type tool that sprays... water), as was the spit sucker that turns on with a little handle that flicks up and down.

Unfortunately, the Little Big Fella wasn't here just for a check-up this time.  He had three little holes in his molars that required fillings.  Thankfully, they were small enough that no anesthetic was required.  Unfortunately, that meant there was nothing painful about the visit so Mr Curiosity went nuts!

The dentist was great, explaining what he was doing and making sure the Little Big Fella was comfortable.  He gave the Little Big Fella plenty of opportunities to "rest his mouth", but his idea of rest and the Little Big Fella's turned out to be quite different!!!

At one point, the dentist had to tell him to stop talking for a while so that they could actually put the fillings in!

The process was quite quick, and when they finished the third one, the Little Big Fella had a sulk because he wanted another one!!!!

Needless to say, it wasn't a scary experience for my boy, and we all had a few good laughs throughout the visit.

Maybe it's my turn to face the dentist's chair again?

Yeah, maybe not!

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