Wednesday, 15 July 2015

GREAT things about winter

I was driving to work this week listening to the announcers interviewing a meteorologist about the current icy cold snap we're having.  They were complaining that it was going to be so cold for a whole week! Maybe two!

Coming from a much colder climate, I internally bagged out the announcers for being so soft about cold weather.  I mean, we only get two to six weeks of winter here,  a couple of months of VERY hot weather, and the rest of the year is either side of perfect.

So I started thinking about the things I actually like about winter.  Here's what I've come up with.

- Rugging up in soft, cosy clothes and blankets

- Slippers!  All day, every day if you can get away with it!

- Sitting by an open fire with people you love

- Feeling very much alive when you go to the only room in the house without heating and have to bear your bottom! (Hmm,  not sure if that is a great thing about winter,  but it's exhilarating, and I don't mind being reminded that I'm still alive.)

- Red wine and cheese,  preferably by the aforementioned open fire with loved ones

- Going to the local footy and wearing your warmest snow jacket so that you can stand around with a bunch of people as crazy as you to be outside at night in this weather, feeling it's absolutely worth it to be cheering along with those in your community.

 - Flannelette sheets (and electric blankets to pre-warm them for you)

- Not overheating when you exercise (loving this at Taekwondo at the moment!)

- Having a great excuse to go to bed early or lay in longer (preferably with your significant other)

- Going to bed after your significant other and warming your feet up on them :-D

- Cup-a-soup, hot chocolate, or a cup of tea to wrap chilly fingers around and warm you from the inside out

- Hearty meals like pasta, casseroles, roasts and so on

- Watching your breath make fog in front of you (I still find that somewhat magical)

- Having the perfect excuse to stay inside and watch movies ALL day!

- Getting to wear gorgeous scarves and jackets and boots

- Not having to mow every four days!

- Being able to potter about outside without worrying so much about getting sunburnt, or being attacked by flies or mosquitos

- Pulling clothes out of the drier (I love the smell, and the fact that I can just fold things and put them away without having to iron)

I love Spring and the sense of unfolding and expanding into the opportunities that become available in the warmer months.   But I quite like the cocooning effect of winter; of hiding away and treating yourself to warmth and love and recuperation.

So whether your winter is long or ridiculously short, I hope you're enjoying the season and all the special moments it can facilitate.

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