Thursday, 27 June 2013

Will we survive?

You might remember that a few weeks ago the Little Big Fella managed to cut his finger with a steak knife whilst trying to open a packet of tortillas by himself.  He learned that scissors are a better option.

Earlier this week the Little Big Fella was trying to do a handstand off the trampoline onto the concrete.  Obviously the fact that I'm telling you about it means that he was unsuccessful.  He learned that the grass is the best place to practice handstands.

Last night my darling son (again) couldn't wait for me to use the facilities while he was dying of hunger.  He got a scone (Americans call them biscuits) from the freezer, put it on a plastic plate and put it in the microwave.  First thing I knew about any of this was when I exited the loo to be told something about smoke, although I didn't decipher that part immediately.

"All right, show me what you've done", said I.

I was guided to the kitchen, to discover smoke pouring out of the microwave.

The next 5 minutes were spent throwing the black scone and melted plate over the balcony onto the grass and trying to get smoke out of the house, whilst waving a placemat at the smoke detector to shut it up.

The Little Big Fella has since learned which one button on the microwave he is allowed to push (our start button will set the time to 30 seconds).

But all of this makes me wonder if any of us will survive to his adulthood.  No doubt there will be broken bones in the future, especially given the new motorbike skills he's developing.  I'm wondering if there'll be electrocutions, loss of digits or limbs, all manner of (hopefully minor) fire incidents...

Then there's the reality that I am now a heart-in-mouth parent.  Watching my little boy get a few wobbles on that bike was very stressful!

But, the flipside of it all is that my "little" Big Fella is not going to be little for long.  He's learning how to do things for himself (albeit the hard way).  As well as food-related independence, we've been teaching him some letters of the alphabet while he's on holidays from kindy.  And he's soaking it up like a sponge!

So I guess now is a significant learning time for the Little Big Fella, and it would probably be smart for us to make the most of that.  Because soon he'll know it all ;-)

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