Sunday, 30 June 2013

A fishy foray

The Big Fella had a day off today and earlier in the week had given the Little Big Fella the idea of going fishing.  So they'd been up to the little dam and put in some pots for yabbies (apparently they call them "crawchies" here).  We got the gear together, collected our yabbies and pots and headed out to a fishing spot on the other side of the next town.

You know, when a "local" gives you directions to an awesome place to fish, it's probably worth getting lots of details about it.  The directions were to take the first road left after the weir wall, then turn onto the track after the 2nd cattle grid.

Uh huh.

We pass the weir wall and drive... and drive... and drive.  Finally we find the road to the left.  There's a cattle grid right at the turn off.  Sweet!  1 down!

We drive... and drive... and drive.  Finally another cattle grid.  No tracks.


We drive... and drive... and drive.  Another cattle grid.  Hmmm.  The only track has a gate, covered in chains, and a big sign about trespassers not being welcome.

Uh huh.

We drive a little more, seeing if maybe there's another track.  Nope.

Call me old fashioned or what have you, but I don't like the idea of going onto someone's property, without speaking to them in person, if they have a sign suggesting they don't like people coming onto their property!

So we turned around and headed back to the weir.

There was a little 4WD track that ran along side the "river" so we took our brand new, awesome car down it :-D  The car did a great job and we found a little spot to have a go at fishing (after running into (not literally) an older couple who'd parked in the middle of the track, then taking a serious 4WD track to get past them).

We pulled up and got out the gear and the Big Fella set up a line, hooked up the yabby and cast it into the little pool.

There wasn't an awful lot of action so the Little Big Fella ate a jelly.

Then the Big Fella decided it was time to sit down and have a beer and a chat while they were waiting.

No idea what they were talking about here, but it was obviously of worldwide importance, given their expressions!
After a little while we decided that this spot was lovely, but it didn't seem like a good fishing spot.  So we packed up and moved on.

We looked at two different spots above the weir, but we decided to drive down the other side of the little "river", again giving our new car a good test drive as a 4WD.

And here is where we stopped for the rest of our fishing adventure:

Not too shabby, hey?

The Big Fella baited up again...

...while the Little Big Fella splashed around in the water (did you realise it's winter here at the moment????).

And then it was time to fish!

But, there weren't any fish biting here either!  That obviously means you need to walk further downstream :-)

There was this amazing tree that made the perfect picture frame of my Fellas.

It's funny.  There's not much that warms a woman's heart as much as seeing her husband and son happily spending time together.

Can you guess who the Little Big Fella's current superhero is?  Here's a clue; check out his fingers:

Any guesses?  Wolverine (of course!).

With no fish action, we decided to pack up for today and head to the pub for lunch :-)  But first, we had to set the yabbies free!

A bit of a nap in the arvo, and a bit of footy on the TV and there you have an awesome Sunday!

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