Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Random ramblings

I'm quite tired so I'm just going to put a few random thoughts together tonight.  I wouldn't be surprised if you don't want to read them, but I'll enjoy writing them and reviewing my day anyway.

I watched the final of The Voice Australia last night.  Most of it was pretty average for me.  But I quite enjoyed the top 16's rendition of John Farnham's, "The Voice".  And I absolutely LOVED Ricky and Luke's "Roxanne"!  What a brilliant performance!  And wonderful voices!!!  I've had that song in my head all day and I'm really enjoying it :-D


I've discovered that I have several interesting parts in my emotional cycle.  There's the grumpy, keep-away-from-me-or-I'll-rip-your-head-off part, and the I'm-going-to-eat-everything-in-the-house part, and sometimes the bawling-my-eyes-out-because-someone-ate-the-last-of-the-mushrooms part.  But my favourite part, which I only realised existed in cyclical form yesterday, is the creative-and-excited part!  That's the couple of hours (or sometimes days) where I get all interested in a project and think up all the variations and possibilities.  I normally start planning and making lists (and lists of lists - I am a list girl, remember?) and setting timelines.  Ah!  It makes me happy :-)

And yes, you guessed it!  I had a creative day yesterday.  See, I just realised that this is the last week before school (read: kindy) holidays.  That's two weeks with the Little Big Fella at home with me 24/7.  No friends, no planned activities, no brain food!

Well, that just won't do, will it?!?

So we're going to have a mini vacation school at home.  With a jungle theme! The idea is to make jungle animals (masks, finger puppets, pictures etc.), decorate his room a little (kind of like our Under the Sea adventure a little while back), and maybe learn another letter or two in the process.  I'm also planning to have friends over (when the Big Fella is at work), and meet them at the park or whatever as well.  I suspect there might even be some cooking involved.

Today it sounds like a lot of work.  But last night it was true inspiration!  And meant I didn't get to bed until well after midnight.  Which probably explains why I'm so tired now (and why it took me several attempts to write each word in this sentence!).


It's starting to get cold here!  I know you southerners won't believe me, but we've had to start using the heaters!!!  And wearing long-sleeved clothing!  And multiple layers of clothing!!!!  I'm seriously in shock ;-)

Unfortunately, it's also introduced a bout of pants and bed wetting by the Little Big Fella :-(  I guess he's learning the important lesson that, even in winter, we still need to get to the toilet and yes, face the cold seat.


The Little Big Fella had photos taken at kindy this week.  Given the prices of having childrens' photos taken these days, I was surprised at how low the price was.  And I'm keen to see what photos they ended up taking of my boy (and if he did a nice smile or a super-cheesy one).


I don't think I've mentioned that the Little Big Fella and I are going to be flying down South in a few weeks.  I'm going to the P!nk concert with my brother and sister (excited much?????) and we'll visit with family and friends as much as we can while we're there.  The Little Big Fella is SO excited about finally going on an aeroplane, after all our visits to the airport and watching everyone else coming and going.

Okay.  This is probably one of the least interesting blog posts I've written in a while.  Sorry.  I'll try to be more awake and interesting next time ;-D

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