Sunday, 17 February 2013

Proud Parenting

As a mum, I believe I am not alone in sometimes feeling like a complete failure.  With all of the information about what we should be doing, sometimes it can all get a bit overwhelming.

But then you get moments where you realise you can't be doing too bad a job because your little one/s show compassion, or behave brilliantly, or show you how super smart they are, or they use their manners without prompting, or remember to "catch your sneeze"!

Yesterday there was a big multi-cultural football event at the local footy oval. I was asked to help out in the canteen for a couple of hours but the Big Fella was working, so I needed to take the Little Big Fella with me.

There were rides and lots of things to do and look at, as well as the mini footy matches that were being played.  But my Little Big Fella decided that he wanted to be near me.  Given that a busy canteen/kitchen is no place for small child (you know, hot oil, sharp knives...) I grabbed one of the bar stools and popped him on it, at the side of the canteen counter.  He was really happy there and watched all the craziness of the kitchen (there were at least 5 of us in there at any one time and we were all crazy-busy!).

For two and a half hours my Little Big Fella sat there!!!  He had a bottle of water and a few snacks that I'd brought with us, and I bought him a snack from the canteen a little later as well.  And he just sat there!  Happily!

Several of the ladies commented on how well he was behaving and I was thrilled at being able to help out for so long.

When I was finally done in the kitchen we went outside and he had a jump on the bouncy castle then was happy to come home.  Of course, once Daddy got home from work I had to brag all about how well our son had behaved :-)

I love my little family.

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