Monday, 11 February 2013

Chook'n eggs!!!!

YAY!!!!!  We finally got our first egg today!!!!  (I'm just a tad excited, can you tell?)

The Big Fella went downstairs this afternoon, just before we left to pick up the Little Big Fella from kindy, and there was this little egg, sitting on the grass at the bottom of the stairs!  Look at it!  It's so little!!!

So now we have the added task of looking around for eggs each day... woo hoo!!!!  Pity the chooks don't like the chook house.

The other hilarious thing that happened today was this morning.  The Big Fella and I were sitting on the couch, taking a little break before facing the next task.

I heard a noise and couldn't work out what it was.  I looked out the door and saw both dogs lying down.  Nope, not them.

I heard the noise again and still couldn't work it out.

A couple of minutes later I saw our female dog, Choccie go over to the dog house.  A moment later I saw a flash of feathers.  Our Rhode Island Red chicken had chased the dog into the dog house, pecked her and effectively kicked her out!

I nearly cried laughing!  Our chicken thinks it's a dog???  Hilarious!

So it turns out that the noise was the chicken pecking the dog house, probably looking for spiders and bugs I guess.

In other, non-chicken-related news, the Little Big Fella did great at kindy again today and then did really well in his swimming class this afternoon.  We've been asked by the teacher to practice his freestyle arms and breathing motion at home so that he can catch up with the other (bigger) kids in his class.  Am I a proud Mummy?  Yes, I am :-D

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