Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Backyard camping

Unfortunately this post is going to be photo-less.  Which is a pity because the photos that go with it are awesome!  But you're just going to have to wait (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah).

The company the Big Fella works for have decided that our house (we rent it from them) is due for painting inside, and a new kitchen, and new flooring.  Which is all very exciting!

But it turns out that it's also rather inconvenient!

This week the painters are here so we decided that we needed to test out our new camper trailer.  We'd forgotten how large it is, and it only just fits between the mango tree and the clothes line :-D

Really, it's pretty lucky we decided to camp out in our backyard though, because the smell in the house yesterday afternoon was appalling!!!  I had to be in there for about an hour last night, making the Little Big Fella's lunch for kindy today and doing the dishes, among other things.  By the time I was done I had a ripper of a headache!

When we picked up the Little Big Fella from kindy yesterday I told him he'd be sleeping in a different bed.  When we got home he ran upstairs into his room and freaked out because everything was in the middle of the room with sheets over it.  Then I directed him outside and he flipped out!!!

"Mum!  There's a tent in our yard!!!"

He was so excited to sleep "in the tent" that he wanted to go to bed straight after dinner.  I convinced him to have a shower and get into his pyjamas first then we put him into his bed.  I sat with him and we talked for about 15 minutes, then I went upstairs to do dishes etc and by the time I came back (about 15/20 minutes later) he was fast asleep.  It was only just dark.

Surprisingly, the Little Big Fella slept until about 7 this morning!  The surprising part I guess was because he's been waking up around 5/5:30 the past few mornings, and I thought because he'd fallen asleep so early, and was sleeping outside where the sunlight was more obvious, he'd wake at sunrise.

This afternoon when we got back from kindy, the Fella's had a swim in our little blow-up pool.  I'm typing this while they're cooking on the gas ring/fire.  We've got the mozzie coils burning and the dogs are hanging around looking for a bite of something.

I've noticed that camping in the backyard, just like "normal" camping, is an awesome excuse to spend time with your family.  Talking with them, playing together, and not being distracted by technology (ironic, given what I'm doing right now, huh?).

Nothing quite like backyard camping :-)

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