Sunday, 17 February 2013

Little Mates

We had a very social day on Friday.

One of the Little Big Fella's friends invited us to play at the park this morning with her.  It rained a little so we spent a bit of time under the shelter, but the kids also rode their bikes around and played on the skate ramps.

I've also been thinking about the Little Big Fella's best friend the past few days.  We haven't seen him much since starting kindy, so when we got home from the park I messaged his mum and arranged for an impromptu playdate.

The boys get along SO well - they love dressing up as super heroes and the Little Big Fella's friend had brought along an Ironman and Spiderman suit so they were set for several hours!

Throw in a little swim and a vegemite sandwich each and you've got a happy couple of friends :-)

There's something really special about watching your child making good friends.  I guess part of it is knowing that childhood frienships always remain special in your memory, even if you don't keep in touch that often as you get older.

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