Friday, 17 April 2015

Welcome to the world, beautiful!

Today we excitedly waited for news of your arrival.  We knew you were coming today.

You were born at 11:21am, weighing 3.31kgs (7lb 5oz), and measuring 53cms.  And you were just as beautiful as we all expected, with your gorgeous little mouth, perfect little nose, and wise, deep eyes.

You came into the world to an amazing mother.  She is strong, creative, enterprising, and she will love you more than anyone else in the world ever can.  Even though you'll be incredibly angry with her some days, she is your constant rock.  She will never, ever give up on you!

Your daddy is a fantastic dad!  You will spend hours in his arms and it will be a safe place for you.  He will cherish you like no other man can, and he will show you what you can expect in your future husband.  He helps your mum in so many ways, will teach you all kinds of interesting things, and show an incredible patience that is rare in a man.  You will probably wrap your dad around your finger within the first few seconds of your life!  And he will defend you to his dying breath.  He is a good, honorable man, and you are incredibly lucky to have him!

Don't get me started on your brothers!!!!  Your oldest brother is intelligent and kind and will care for you with his gentle, tender way.  Your youngest brother is tough and cheeky and will probably fight with you a fair bit.  But he will be your most ardent supporter.  These guys will get you in and out of trouble many times, and while they will drive you crazy some days, they are the only other people in the world who understand your family's particular variety of bonkers.

You are incredibly lucky to have your Gran around, too!  She is a tough, loving, practical woman and I hope you get the opportunity to spend a lot of time with her.  Her hugs are brilliant and she can teach you so much.

Your grandparents will dote on you, especially because you are the only granddaughter so far!  They will love and support you in every possible way.  The love of a grandparent is especially precious, dear girl, so let them into your life as often as you can.

And all of us Aunties and Uncles, well we get the privilege of spoiling you rotten and having an understanding ear when mum and dad are being unfair.  Remember, we grew up with them, so we know how annoying they can be!  We will be here any time you need us, even though we live so far away (how lucky you are to live in this age of technological communication!).

I wonder what you will be like as you grow.  Will you be interested in all things pretty, pink and princess-y?  Or will you be a tomboy.  I suspect you'll be a beautiful balance of both, actually - much like your Mum.

I know you will have lovely manners, just like your brothers, because that's the way your parents will train you.  And I think you will do well at school - there is a lot of intelligence in your heritage.  Oh!  We can't forget music!  There's plenty of that in your heritage too!

I hope you will know your value, and that we will all love you and support you as you grow and discover the world and yourself.

Welcome to the world, beautiful!

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