Friday, 10 April 2015

Changing seasons

The weather has suddenly changed as we move from HOT summer to mild winter.  The nights have cooled down so that we don't require the fans for the whole night, but the days are still warm and lovely.

This is my favourite season here in Central Queensland.  It's not so hot that you have to semi-hiberate in the air-conditioning, but it's still warm enough to wear short sleeves.  It's just comfortable!

And it's the best time of year to be doing things, especially outside!

The Big Fella has been getting into the garden and it's looking fantastic!  He's enthusiastic about a couple of little (hmmmmm, possibly not so little!) projects, which are going to make our yard more useful and beautiful.

The change in weather has encouraged my creative side too.  I've decided on a couple of little projects that I want to tackle over winter -
learn to ice a cake with fondant,
learn a little about watercolour painting (thanks to my friend, Annette, for this inspiration),
attempt to finish quilting the quilt I started before I got married(!),
and paint the outside Christmas decorations while the weather is gorgeous (rather than leaving it until Spring when it gets way too hot and the bugs get into the paint).

I've noticed that my Little Big Fella is suddenly more grown up!  We went to the park one afternoon this week and he has changed.
He tries things that used to scare him on his scooter.
He can reach and play on one of the park toys that used to be SO big for him.
He can finally swing on a swing all by himself!!!!

Another evening this week, as we were eating dinner, he suddenly told us a knock knock joke.  Good old interrupting cow.  I remember my sister C and I telling that one when we were kids.  The funniest thing was that the Little Big Fella couldn't get the timing right, so the interrupting cow wasn't interrupting.

We've all noticed this year that we don't get to spend as much time together as we used to.  (I know, it's been nearly a year that I've been working full-time and it's taken us this long to feel the difference???)  So the Big Fella has started turning down overtime on the weekends.  And while we don't necessarily do anything special on the days we're all home together, just sharing the same space, and being able to share thoughts as they occur has been really good.

I love how a change of seasons gives you new perspective on your life, and presents new opportunities.

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