Sunday, 5 April 2015

Laughter and Learning

Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you've had the opportunity to take a break this weekend and spend time with those you love.

Since his party, the Little Big Fella has had money burning a hole in his pocket!  He was given money by a couple of friends, and some came in the mail from family (thanks family!).  He'd also earned some by doing his chores every day every week during the first term of the year.  So he had lots of money burning a hole in his pocket.

The Big Fella was home today (an unusual occurrence for a weekend!) so we decided to go to our closest big town and do the food shopping, and allow the Little Big Fella to spend said money.

He was SO excited!

He ended up buying the Skylanders Trap Team start up set and a few more Skylanders figures, as well as a bag of lollies.

And because his running shoes are very quickly wearing out, the Big Fella decided to get him a new pair while we were over there.  The shop happened to have a "2nd pair half price" sale on, so he also bought a pair of soccer shoes.

Add the excitement of a new game, new figures and new shoes to a morning full of Easter chocolate, and he was practically bouncing off the walls!!!

On the way home, the Big Fella decided to call his parents to discuss a couple of things about our visit in a few weeks.  They hardly had the chance to talk at all because our young man in the back seat was busting out of his pants to tell them all about his new purchases.

Poor Grandpa!  He had to listen to a non-stop, 10 minute monologue about the new game and the figures and how you play it and who he's played it with before and how much better it is than Skylanders Swap Force and I swear he didn't take a breath for the whole 10 minutes!!!!

I was sitting in the front seat in tears, listening to poor Grandpa trying to have a conversation, but being completely ignored while he heard all about something he doesn't give two hoots for!  When the required breath finally came, he neatly handballed the phone to Grandma, who got to hear all about it for the next 5 minutes.

You know how sometimes things just hit your funny bone at the right moment and you end up crying with laughter and your cheeks and sides start to hurt?  That was me today.

Sorry for laughing at your expense, Grandma and Grandpa, but thanks!  I needed it :-)


Yesterday I was reading a post by Ruth at Living Well, Spending Less about painless ways to save money.  The part that caught my attention was the free courses from MIT and Codecademy.

I quite enjoy learning and there are a lot of things I'm interested in.  So today I had a little browse and started learning about HTML from Codecademy.  It turns out that this kind of stuff makes sense to me!

So tomorrow I'm going to learn a little about CSS, and then I think I'll learn something about the programming of apps, then maybe I'll switch to some Psychology from MIT, maybe a little Planetary Science, perhaps some Economics... the possibilities are endless!!!!s

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