Thursday, 13 March 2014

Attack of the killer BluTack

I know I've mentioned it a few times before, but I've joined my local CWA branch.  Our hall has recently had some work done so it was pretty dusty and in need of a good clean.

So after our meeting the other day we got into it and cleaned the windows, some of the walls and the bathrooms.

It was then that we realised what a big job it is to clean a public hall.  We'd been going for about two hours and had only done that much!  There was SO much more to be done!!!

So, on the weekend I got a text inviting me to come and do another stint.  The Big Fella was at work so I got to take the Little Big Fella with me.  I packed a bag full of toys, and he decided to wear his Darth Vader costume.  We jumped on our bikes and went to the hall.

I got the joyous job of cleaning walls.  And I can tell you, I love cleaning walls about as much as I love cleaning windows!

I spent the next three hours cleaning one wall.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  Three hours, one wall.

As an experienced cleaner (ha!), why on earth would it take that long?????

BluTack, people!!!

OMG!!!  I swear some of that BluTack had been there since the hall was built!!!!  So it was solid and did not want to move to a new home!!!

My poor little fingers got cramps from pushing all that BluTack around to get it to come off.

And then there was the sticky stuff left behind by tape!  I ended up riding home to get my bottle of eucalyptus oil to get that stuff off!

If I never see sticky stuff and BluTack again in my life...

Well, after about two minutes of "helping" me clean the wall, the Little Big Fella discovered that sugar soapy water and a rag makes "slug tracks" on a wooden floor.

At least he was entertained for about an hour, racing around the "track" like Turbo (a Disney/Pixar snail).

Never mind that once it dried the floors didn't look as clean as they were when we arrived.  At least one wall was clean!

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