Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ah! The serenity!

I was really lucky to have my best friend here last week.  Unfortunately life is busy at the moment, so for the first part of the week she got to follow me around and experience the chaos of it.

But Thursday we got to sit around and chat, and Friday we took off on a spontaneous adventure.

After school drop-off, we gathered some morning tea and water and jumped in the car.  I drove us up to the tablelands nearby.  There's a lookout up there where you can see the plains below, and the craggy sandstone cliffs of the tablelands around you.

It's the first time I've been there and not had other groups there at the same time.  And it was SO quiet!

We decided to go back to the car and get our morning tea.

As we sat there enjoying the view, an eagle soared by, in front of the lookout - probably only 10 meters away from us.  We watched it flying around in the thermals, rising higher and higher, before it headed off in another direction.

This was taken when the eagle had moved further away.  When we initially saw it, it was only a couple of metres from the railing.

It was so lovely and peaceful, and felt incredibly special.

Instead of heading straight home, we decided to go and have a look at the river (the Fellas and I went there another time).  Apparently we've had a bit of rain recently, because there was the definite smell of rotting vegetation, somewhat similar to seaweed on the beach, and we got a bit muddy walking up the tracks next to the river.

But despite the smell and mess, it was great to hang about for a while watching the water go by, looking at those amazing trees, and chasing butterflies like a lunatic.

We headed back home and had lunch before school pickup.

The day was such a lovely contrast to the busy-ness of the first half of the week, and it reminded me that, even when I don't have friends staying, I need to make the time to have spontaneous adventures, and find places of serenity in my home, my town and the surrounding area.

Friends and nature are just, plain good for the soul :-D

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