Thursday, 7 November 2013

Success at the swimming pool

Last summer we spent a lot of time at the swimming pool.  So this year the Big Fella decided that we should buy a season pass and try to get there at least 3 times a week.  He wants to do laps as a kind of self-massage after weights workouts, as well as a cardio, and the Little Big Fella will jump at any opportunity to play in the water!

So, locals, any time you're headed to the pool to play, count us in :-D

We were talking about how to squeeze a swim in when the Big Fella works day shifts and one of the solutions we came up with was to go after work, even if that means leaving home at 6, or even 7pm.

But, but, but...

Yep.  That's dinner time and time to be getting the Little Big Fella ready for bed.

Ah ha!  A solution!

They have BBQs at the pool!  We could prep meat and salad and all the utensils and everything else you need for a barbie before the Big Fella gets home from work, then take it with us to the pool.


So, last night we tested our theory.

We got to the pool just after 6pm.  The sun was nearly down (silly Queensland that doesn't have daylight savings!), the pool was really quiet and still, and the water was almost warm (which is saying a lot because this pool is renowned for being practically icy).

We had a good half hour swim.  The Big Fella did his laps, the Little Big Fella splashed and played and even did a lap with his kickboard!!!  Then we got out, showered and got the Little Big Fella into his pjs (one of his Superman onesies Grandma and Aunty Loz!) then cooked up the meat, piled salad and the meat into bread rolls and enjoyed our little feast.

It was really, really good and we'll definitely be doing it again!

Sometimes we might even grab an icecream cone from McDonald's on the way home :)

The Little Big Fella was completely tuckered out and fell asleep on the way home.  Bummer.  No bedtime fights for us!  Not that we have bedtime fights very often, but still...

This afternoon the Little Big Fella had his first swimming lesson for the season.  Once he was actually in the water (it was a bit cool today) he did really well and the teacher was very happy with how well he's retained his skills over the winter.

Another tick in the success box.  Yay!

On another note, the Little Big Fella and I ended up doing a big cook-up yesterday morning - a double batch of ginger snaps, and a double batch of chocolate chip cookies (which he wanted to make into giraffe necks, in the same vein as the witches fingers from the other day, so they were green (???) and log/neck shaped).

So now the freezer is full of biscuits, ready for the silly season and any visitors that want to randomly drop in (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).

Things may not always be going right, but little things like swimming with my Fellas, baking cookies with my son and having a freezer full of them make me feel satisfied.  This is the life!

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