Sunday, 24 November 2013

I couldn't help it!

I've been trying so hard but today I caved.  I mean, I've been tempted by my neighbour, tempted by stores, tempted by crafting and today my resolve crumbled.

I played Christmas carols.

I know!  It's not even December yet!!!

But I didn't put up my tree.

Or lights.

I did put up a string to hang cards on, because both the Little Big Fella and the Big Fella have received some already.  So instead of having them taking up space and gathering dust on the side board, they're hanging up where they belong until the New Year.

And besides, it wasn't my fault!

My next door neighbour was hanging Christmas lights... again!  I just couldn't resist adding a little Christmas spirit.

But don't worry!  I won't play them again until December.  Well, that would be next Sunday, when the Little Big Fella and I set up our Christmas tree.

I can't wait!

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