Saturday, 16 November 2013

Another step

This week my Little Big Fella took another step in growing up.  On Wednesday afternoon, he had his first Prep Transition Day.

Here in Queensland, Australia, children can attend kindergarten in the year before school.  In most cases the kindy is a separate location to schools, but sometimes they have their own area in a school.

The first year of "official" school is called Prep and my not-so-little son will be starting that at the end of January next year.  To help the kids get used to the school and the routines and rules, they're joining with this year's Prep students for three afternoons this term.

The Little Big Fella is pretty excited about going to school next year.  They've been talking about it at kindy and we've talked a bit about it at home as well.  And we've spent some time at the school for various events since moving here, including Kindysports this term, the school fair a few weeks ago and other events since moving here last year.

He has a lot of friends at the school already, and knows most of the kids who will join him in Prep next year, so he doesn't seem to be anywhere near nervous about it all.

In fact, when we arrived at Prep Transition the other day he didn't even turn around to look at me when the teacher came out and told them what would be happening.  She asked if he wanted to give me a kiss and cuddle!  It's such a contrast to dropping him off at kindy, where he still wants me to come in and sit with him for about 10 to 15 minutes before he's happy for me to leave.

We have two more Transition sessions over the next two weeks, and I'm hoping it goes as well as this one!

During the hour he was there, Miss I, his teacher, read them the book, "The Very Cranky Bear".  It's one we've borrowed from the Library previously, and I'm certain they've read it at kindy a few times as well.  It's a really good book.

They got to do a painting after that, and told Miss I what their favourite part of the book was.

When he came out of the classroom at the end, he was SO excited and wanted to tell me everything they'd done.

Instead of going home (the Big Fella was sleeping), I hung out in the canteen with our next door neighbour.  I saw all the Prep kids holding hands with the Transition Preps, going around the school and showing them where everything was.  It was gorgeous!  I wanted to get a photo, but didn't want to distract the class so you don't get to see how cute they were.  Sorry!

Now I need to start thinking about school uniforms, backpacks, pencil cases and so on.  Hello Christmas stocking fillers and presents :-D  Yep, this marks the start of practical Christmas presents like socks and jocks!!!!  Mwah ha ha haaaaah!

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