Sunday, 25 August 2013


Over the past month I've had the privilege of spending time with both of my sisters (unfortunately not at the same time).  They are awesome women and I love them both to pieces!

One thing that they have in common is that they're ambitious!

My youngest sister started working in a major department store quite a while ago (maybe 10 years?) and has since worked her way from the shop floor to the office to now being the person who decides what products to sell in one of the departments.

My other sister is currently an at-home-mum, but has her sights set on major event planning.  Not just weddings, big parties, business meeting-type events.  She's looking at major festivals and shows.  She'll be starting study to meet those goals next year.

Then there's me.

I only ever dreamed of being a mum, and maybe a secretary.  And while motherhood has turned out to be WAY harder than I ever thought, I still haven't dreamed of anything else for myself.

Until now.

Talking to my sister this week made me ask myself, "why not?".

My answer so far is that my location and my son have caused me to limit my possibilities.  But that's not necessary.  Between the internet, YouTube, the support of my husband and friends, the reality is that I could do anything!

But what do I want to do?

Looks like it's time for a little dreaming!

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