Monday, 26 August 2013

The Wine Effect

Some people are happy drunks.

Some people are angry drunks.

Some people are just more of themselves.

But put a bit of bubbly in me and this is what you get:

First off, I become a bit happy.  And if the Big Fella is around, rather flirty.

But after a while things change.

I get super sleepy.  But if I'm required to do something (eg. look after anyone other than myself), I get short-tempered.  And it feels like I have very little control over it.

But I guess that's the thing about alcohol, isn't it?  You lose self-control.

My self-control when it comes to food is pretty good most of the time.  But put in a little alcohol and it's straight to the fats and sugars baby!!!!

Overall, I'm thinking wine doesn't have a great effect on me.  I guess that's why I don't really drink much.

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