Monday, 5 August 2013


We had a 4am start.  And I'm such a morning person!!!  But that's what you gotta do to catch your 6am flight.

Mum got up to say goodbye, and dad drove us to the airport.  I hate goodbyes, but I hate short, early morning goodbyes even more because I always feel like that hug wasn't long enough and I wanted to say "I love you" just one more time.

Anyway, I'd checked in online the day before, but we needed to check our bags through.  They have an ATM-style check-in at Melbourne airport with a couple of airport staff there to help you out.

We got the lady's attention and started the process when the Little Big Fella started jumping up and down.  Yep!  You guessed it!  He had to pee!  Right now!!!!

Of course, you can't just leave your bags with anyone at the airport.  And of course the closest toilets weren't exactly close.  So here we are running through the airport, just after 5am, dragging our bags and trying not to drop anything.

Thankfully we made it!  Yay!

We went back and finished our bag check-in then went and found our gate.  We were flying home with a different carrier than we did on the way down, and on this flight we had a breakfast included.

The Little Big Fella decided to "drink" his orange juice with the tiny stirring teaspoon.  It took forever!!!  But he was happy so where's the problem?

We had an hour or so in Brisbane between our flights.  Guess what we did for most of it.  We went up and down the escalators.









At least a dozen times.

But, again, the Little Big Fella was happy, and we weren't in anyone's way, so where's the problem?

Finally we were on our final leg home and I was anxious to get there.  I was tired, sick of being mummy 24/7, and ready to see my husband.

And when I saw him, I have to say he was looking fine!!!  He's been losing weight and working out, so when he turned up in his jeans and t-shirt, with his growing muscles showing, I did a double-take.  I know it was only 12 days, but he looked really good!

Okay, okay, I'll move on.

We went and had some lunch and did some food shopping then we were on our way home.

It doesn't matter how good a time you have when you're away, or how well you were looked after, or how comfy the bed was where you stayed, there is no place like home!

And even though there was lots of unpacking and cleaning up to do (the Big Fella had been away hunting for the past 5 days so all his camping gear and washing was added to what we had brought home), it was still home, the Little Big Fella was back in his normal space and routine, and I was ready to relax and recover from the great time we'd had catching up with family and friends and having all kinds of adventures.

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