Sunday, 21 August 2016

No more patience!

We've had a big day!

The Little Big Fella's school had its first lolly stall at the local markets today, which, being the Treasurer, meant I had to be there with money and stuff.

It was a beautiful morning and there were plenty of people around.  And I really enjoyed just being outside!  I got to catch up with plenty of people, and the Little Big Fella got to play with plenty of his mates.

Things got a little quiet about an hour before we intended to pack up, so I thought I'd teach one of the other mums how to do some balloon tying (planning ahead to future events).  Kids ended up crowded around and she didn't get to learn a lot.  We got a little way with dogs (also known as giraffes), and a basic sword, but didn't get much further.

A quick pack up and cash count then it was home to the Little Big Fella and four of his mates in the pool!

They weren't hungry yet (they were distracted by swimming), but I knew they would be soon!  Hmmm, what to feed five hungry boys?

Not enough chicken nuggets.
No marinated chicken nibbles (which they've loved on previous occasions).
Only fancy sausages in the freezer.

Bread.  Yep, there's bread in the freezer!

Hmm, no ham, and I know some of these boys aren't fans of spreads.


Toasties!!!!  Yes!  I have cheese!

We ended up with cheese and bacon toasties with a selection of sauces, and everyone was happy.

The boys proceeded to swim, try tricks on bikes and scooters, play Wrestle Mania, and build stuff with Lego for the afternoon.

I got to catch up on paperwork for the P&C.  Yay!  It's always so fun.  But at least it gets it off my plate for a little while, especially with the Little Big Fella playing happily with his mates.

At the end of the day, I am tired.

I do dinner, but when the Little Big Fella comes inside he is all hyper, consumed with the rush of the day.  Trying to get him to concentrate on a task?  No go!  And there were quite a few tasks to get through on this night before school!

And there's my patience out the window!

My voice gets that annoyed tone.  My words are sharp.  I huff and I puff.

I try to get him to focus.  I tell him what needs to happen and send him off to the shower.  Fifteen minutes later, there's still no running water.

I am winding up for a good old shout, when I remember a conversation had earlier in the day.

One of the mums and I were talking about how some people are exceptionally sour and can't find anything good to say about life, particularly here in our small town.  And we were comparing their troubles with friends of ours who have recently lost loved ones through long, drawn out pain and illness.

"Of all the things you could complain about", we said, "there is SO much good in your life".

I take a deep breath and force a smile onto my face (sometimes if you fake it, it becomes real, you know?).

I stop being annoyed and overwhelmed by my son's exuberance, and listened to his excitement and creative chatter.

I listen to him giggle about the ideas he's making up, and join in (I mean, a hippo playing laser tag?  What's not funny about that???).

I give up my lack of patience, even though I'm still exhausted, and join in with the joy of life for a few minutes.  Because today was full of joy!  And some days won't be.  And if I waste my good days by being impatient, I'll miss them and become a bitter, complaining old biddy!  Bleuch!

I'd rather laugh about hippos playing laser tag!

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