Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The peaceful night

I love the quiet of the night time.

The Fellas sleeping, with their rhythmic breathing (and occasional snores).

The still, and the sense of peace that sometimes comes.

I should have been in bed and asleep an hour ago, but I revel in this period of peace tonight.

So many things can happen throughout the day, and today hasn't been a great one.

But tonight I can let it all go.

I can remember the love I'm surrounded by each day and the joy I have of being with my Fellas.

I can smile as I remember my crazy Little Big Fella's happy face after a swim in our freezing pool, and how grumpy he was when Uncle Wazza woke him up from a good dream about a chocolate donut this morning.

I can feel the pride of my Big Fella as he and his uncle have worked through a list of construction and repair as long as your arm.

I can laugh at the "holiday" Uncle Wazza is having at our place, and the plans for another one around this time next year so he can "direct" the new roof extension at the back of the house.

Life is not perfect.  It never can be.  And horrible things happen all the time.  People are mean, or rude, or frustratingly stupid.  Tragedy hits and a friend's world is torn apart.

But in the still quiet of the night, I let the peace wash around me and restore my soul.  I allow the hope and the light to refresh me.  I see the joyful moments in my mind's eye and let the pain and bitterness be swept aside.

I wish I could create a formula so that this could work for me every night!  I would love to be able to let it all go at the end of each day and start fresh every morning!

Alas, I am human!

So tonight, I will steal away some of my precious sleeping time to enjoy this sense of peace, and to pray for those dear friends in my life who I know are suffering.

And I will hope that tomorrow's sorrow is less, and that today's lessons are remembered as I toil in tiredness, kicking myself for not going to bed!

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