Thursday, 3 April 2014

Melbourne, I love you!

Last week the Fellas and I went to Melbourne.  We decided that we'd stay in the city and make the most of what's available there, especially the food!!!

After we'd flown in, taxied to our hotel and settled ourselves in, we went for a walk just around the corner into one of Melbourne's famous little laneways.  It was FULL of food!!!  Not just cafes, but every kind of food you could think of was crammed into a 100 metre stretch of road!

We were already in heaven!

And that was only our first hour!

Throughout the week we caught up with friends and family, we ate like there was no tomorrow, we walked and caught trams around the city, we went to the museum, Aquarium, zoo, casino complex, movies... and by the end of the week we were pretty much exhausted!

I have heaps to tell you about it all, but it's going to take more than one post, and I want to edit a few (of the thousands of) photos first.  So for now, here's a quick collage or three of some of what we got up to:

We came home exhausted and happy, and it's taken me almost all week to finally put stuff away.  Well, there was also the Little Big Fella's birthday party in the park on Monday, so there was extra stuff around!

And now we're back home, in our quiet little town, with horses across the road and the sound of trains clunking together.

Melbourne, it was fun!  Thank you!

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