Thursday, 10 April 2014

A quick trip down memory lane

A wonderful friend of mine, from what feels like another lifetime, posted a photo of the two of us at my wedding on Facebook.  This afternoon some of my current friends mentioned that they'd seen it, and commented how different I looked with long hair.

So, I thought I'd do a quick little trip down memory lane.  I'd love to do a whole journey, but that would take a lifetime!  That, and scanning takes ages ;-)

I've been through my digital archive and selected these ones - me at different ages, and some of the people who've been an awesome part of my journey.

I'm going to start with my husband, the Big Fella.  He's my favourite!

This is one of the most awkward moments ever captured on film!  The Big Fella and I liked each other, but we weren't together, and our friend taking the picture kept telling us to get closer together for the photo.  Very uncomfortable at the time, fun to look back on.

And this is my best friend from Primary (Elementary) School at my 21st.

This is my family on my Mum's side.  We got together for a weekend to celebrate my Grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary.  That was eight years ago!

These are two awesome women that I got to go along the Great Ocean Road with one time.  That one in the middle has been my best friend for a long time, and is the only person who consistently keeps in contact with me.  She's pretty darn awesome :-)  And that one on the right?  She has the BEST name, and currently lives in Switzerland, I believe!

For a while before we moved from Melbourne, I was in a dance class with my youngest sister and a bunch of her friends.  We had heaps of fun!

This is our first dog, Rocky.  We got him from the RSPCA (rescue centre) and he was a bundle of energy (apparently quite standard for a Jack Russell)!  He loved squeaky toys and learned to destroy them within minutes of receiving a new one.

Here are some of the awesome people I worked and studied with at College.  We had a day where the students could throw cream pies at the staff :-D

These two are the kinds of people that you always love to catch up with, and no matter how long it's been, you always feel at home with them.

And here's the Big Fella's family!

Here's a handful of the people I worked with before I had the Little Big Fella.
Did you know I volunteered at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne?

And I have a Diploma in Ministry!

 Oooh!  Here's me as a baby with my GrandNan - my Mum's Dad's Mum!

And here's me with my siblings.  Absolutely love those three!

This is our first cat, Misty!  She was with us from when I was about 4 or 5 until my late-teens.

Awwww!!!  Here's one of my Little Big Fella's first ever photos.

And here he is with all the family at various times in his first 9 months.

This was taken before my first ever call to the Ambulance.  Not long after this photo was taken, the Little Big Fella fell off the chair, backwards, hit his head on the bin, then on the tile floor.

Thankfully he wasn't bleeding, but as a new Mum, I had no idea what to look out for in terms of concussion.  So the ambos came and checked him out and made me feel a bit less like an idiot for calling them.  (P.S. I love that ambulance cover is paid for within our electricity billing system!)

My son and nephews had a few fun adventures in this bathroom!  They all love the water, and playing in it is especially awesome when there are bubbles!

And that's about when I started blogging, so you've seen all the best photos since then.  One day I'd love to get the old albums from Mum and Dad and scan in a whole bunch of oldies.

Like the one of my brother with an icecream bucket on his head, and dad's boots on his feet.

Or the ones from my tent sleepover in Sheahan Crescent.

Or the ones of my Nanna, Grandma and GrandNan at one of our McDonald's birthday parties.

Or the old Christmas photos, and the dress-up and colour dinners we had, and the people who've lived with us and visited us.

Life is full of great memories and most of them are great because of the people in them.  Thanks for being my best memories!

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