Sunday, 2 December 2012

The wonder of Christmas lights

This is not my house.

I'd kind of like it to be, but it's not.

This is my house.

The first picture is my next-door neighbour's house.  Pretty cool, isn't it?  And what I love the most about it (and Christmas lights in general), is the feeling of special-ness that all those lights create.

I remember, when I was much younger, I'd sneak out at night time, after everyone else was asleep, and just sit next to the Christmas tree and bask in the glow.  Sounds kind of lame when I write it like that.  But Christmas lights really evoke a sense of wonder in me.

My husband, the Big Fella, does not share my sentiment.  In fact, he's rather bah humbug about Christmas in general.  Yesterday he was catching up on some sleep so the Little Big Fella and I watched "Jingle All the Way".  Tacky movie, I know, but it was Christmas-y and I enjoyed it.

I guess I'm just a big softie who still wishes that there was such a thing as magic.

Anyway, this year is only the beginning of our Christmas light/yard decorations!  And while we may be the poor, sad little house of Christmas lights this year,

if my plans for next year come off we might just be the talk of the town!!!

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