Monday, 24 December 2012

Is Christmas just for kids?

I was wrapping Christmas presents tonight and considering Christmas in general.  The thought occurred to me that Christmas is very much a celebration for children.  Everything is so exciting for them.  There's changes in routine and food, and, of course, the presents!

But is Christmas just for kids?

I don't think so!  I love Christmas!  I love the lights and decorations, the food and festivities, and the general atmosphere of celebration and goodwill.

But I have to admit that having a nearly-four-year-old is making this Christmas season particularly enjoyable so far :-D

We've had a lot of fun cooking together, putting up the Christmas tree, and looking at Christmas lights.  Every morning we've opened up our little advent calendar and counted how many days have passed, looking at how close we're getting to Christmas day.

And the Big Fella and I have thoroughly enjoyed buying presents for the Little Big Fella, and a couple for each other too :-)

One of my family Christmas traditions is to wrap presents on Christmas Eve while watching the Christmas Carols on TV.  Each person would disappear into a bedroom and wrap the presents they were giving then bring them out and put them under the tree and continue enjoying the Carols.

Well, this year we've been invited to our next-door neighbour's place for a BBQ dinner/party on Christmas Eve so I had to wrap the presents tonight!


I thought, "I'll watch a Christmas movie while I'm wrapping!"


Would you believe it's Sunday night, two nights before Christmas and there wasn't a single Christmas movie on???  I even jumped online and checked the TV guide and discovered there will only be about 3 over the next two days!!!

I was shattered!  Actually, I'm still not really over it and I'm seriously considering hiring a handful of them, even if I end up watching them all by myself :-D

I did watch "The Holiday" the other night and one of the lines I love is when Kate Winslet's character takes the old man to his award/recognition night.  He presents her with a corsage and says that he hopes it's not too corny.  She responds with, "I like corny.  I'm looking for corny in my life".

That's totally me at Christmas!  I love the pathetically corny Christmas movies, and the ridiculous music!  I'm looking for corny in my life!!!!

Anyway, there's only one more full day until Christmas and I think I'm nearly as excited as my Little Big Fella.

Well, maybe not quite.

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