Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Relax! It's Christmas!

At last!  It's Christmas day.  Yay!

And I gotta tell you!  This has been a great Christmas!!!

We woke up at about 7:30 and slowly began the present opening process.  There were a lot of presents for 3 people!  The Little Big Fella oscillated between dropping presents to open the next one and wanting to stop and play with the ones he opened just a minute before.  It was slightly entertaining ;-)
He absolutely loved all of his presents!  It was fun to watch him enjoying each of them throughout the day.  And to know that we'd chosen some of the ones he loved most.

We all got Nerf guns and had a fun little shoot-out before lunch :-D  That brought about much laughter and was definitely one of the most fun times we've had together in a while.  That probably sounds sad, but it was fun.

"Look at what Santa brought in my sack Mum!"

Can you tell he likes Nerf guns?

Checking out the moving eyes on the froggy book from Nanna

Oh my goodness!  What a mess!  And that's not even all of it!!!

After all of that fun we decided it was breakfast time so I made a little egg and vege scramble and the Big Fella made some garlic toasted turkish bread.  Yumm!

Well, then we had to play with more of our presents!  You know, I got some awesome gifts!  Including a Kindle and a tablet!!!!!  Seriously!  Isn't that awesome???  And I'm writing this blog post on my tablet!  It's taking a little longer because I'm just getting used to it all, but this is cool!

We got to chat to our families on Skype.  I love that we can be so far away but interact with them so easily.  It really is a blessing of the modern era!

We've spent a bit of the time today watching movies and just hanging out.  I love spending time with my Fellas!

We had a delicious lunch today too!  A roast turkey with cranberry and apple stuffing, a waldorf salad with blue cheese dressing, and a tomato salad with a basil-based dressing.  Very yummy!

I'd also made an ice-cream pudding, which we forgot to have at lunch and ended up having for afternoon tea.  The Little Big Fella and I love ice-cream!!!

And then for dinner we had some yummy cheeses, deli meats, and a bit of fruit... as well as a bit of wine.  It was just the perfect way to end the eating day :-)

So now I'm sitting on the couch, next to my wonderful husband, watching a movie and writing this blog post.  I'm a happy woman right now :-)

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