Saturday, 13 February 2016

That can't be right!!!

So, I've had a couple of ciders with the Big Fella this evening and I'm possibly a little fuzzy.  Please forgive anything stupid that comes out of this post!

My blog is hosted (?) through Blogspot and they give me stats about it.  Things like how many people read each post, which websites the clicks come from, and which country you're in when you read it.

Apparently this week I've had readers from Russia, Australia, France, the United States, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, China and Columbia.  And apparently 51 people have read my Irrational post.

And while I'm absolutely chuffed about the idea of people from so many places reading the stuff that comes out of my head, I just can't see how it's true!

So I have a request, if you're willing to participate.

Would you be willing to put in a comment at the bottom of this post?  Would you put your name and country (and, especially if you're in Australia, your town)?

I'd really like to know who you are!

Thanks :)


  1. Angel, Melbourne, Australia (I have your blogged emailled to me so it might not come up in your traffic stats but I read everything you write :))

  2. I always read your great blog :) ... Mum

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