Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The nuggets were good...

Dinner in our house is normally a fairly quick, quiet event.  We eat at the dining table, turn the TV off, and have quiet conversation.

But every now and then I am reminded that I live with boys.

Tonight was one of those dinner times!

The Big Fella had cooked up a salmon fillet for each of us adults, and some chicken nuggets for the Little Big Fella.  I'd made a nice big bowl of salad and the Little Big Fella had set the table.

We sat down together and began our meal, talking about our day and whatever else came up.

Then the Little Big Fella offered his dad one of his chicken nuggets.

Who knows what the Big Fella was thinking, but he shoved it in his mouth then decided that he needed sauce with it.  He grabbed the bottle of squeezy tomato sauce, tipped his head back, opened wide and squeezed!

The Little Big Fella couldn't believe what he was seeing!  I could literally hear his brain cogs turning in an attempt to understand what was happening.

Unfortunately for the Big Fella, he squeezed the sauce straight onto the nugget, so couldn't actually tell how much sauce he had in his mouth.

It was a lot!

The squeeze finished, he had a few chews and then registered how much sauce there was.

By this time, the Little Big Fella's brain had decided that what he was watching was highly amusing, and he was giggling away.

The Big Fella started making a face but bravely chewed his way through the nugget, commenting that "the nugget was good, but the sauce was a bit much"!

Cue the copy cat!

The Big Fella suggests that the Little Big Fella has a go.  There is enthusiastic agreement and in goes a large piece of chicken nugget, back goes the head...

The Big Fella grabs the sauce bottle, tips it up and starts to squeeze...

Which is when the Little Big Fella realises that he like sauce, but not that much!  He moves his head to the side to stop the flow of sauce...

And there we have sauce filling up his mouth, all over his face, down his neck and all over his school shirt.

We had a good, long, loud laugh and enjoyed the change of pace in our dinner routine.

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