Saturday, 11 January 2014

Valuable friendships

I woke this morning...

Well, let's just stop right there.

I was aware of the world, but getting my eyes open was a significant struggle.  And when I finally did get them open, I had a tick in my eye for over an hour.

When I finally dragged my sleepy self out of bed I went into the kitchen and started to clean up the (small) mess left there from last night.

And it began.

The Little Big Fella wanted eggs (well, actually he wanted egg whites) for breakfast.  And he's much more of a morning person than I am, including almost constant chatter and almost zero listening.

"Mate, I'll make it for you in a minute, just let me clean up a little so we have some space for cooking."

He gets the eggwhites out of the fridge and took them into the lounge room.  Apparently he believed I would get rid of it, or something.

"Honey, please just wait a minute.  Bring those eggwhites back.  I'll cook them in a minute when I've made some space.  I won't cook them without you."  (Did I mention he quite enjoys participating in cooking?)

This kind of activity continued for a couple of minutes, before I raised the volume and snapped at him for not listening.

And so began a brilliant day in the household of ScooterShell and the Big Fellas!

For the next almost two hours I attempted to put myself in a better frame of mind, and hopefully wake up a bit.

In reality, I was in a bad mood and the prospect of the coming day wasn't good.

Then I got a text message.  The short version was "come and play".  And even though I didn't think I'd be good company, I agreed.

We spent several hours at this friend's house, and by the time we went home I was in a significantly better mood.

Which got me thinking.  I am a very lucky woman.  Not only do I have a wonderful, loving, fun husband, and a gorgeous, clever, interesting son, but I'm surrounded by good friends who understand my bad days and help me turn them around.

What more could anyone ask for???

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