Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The sweet moments

One of the Little Big Fella's friends begged his mum to come and play here today.  He ended up being here for most of the day.  The boys played really well together and it was so easy!

This friend has been lending us copies of Zac Powers books.  Zac is a young spy who goes on missions and adventures, testing various spy gadgets and fighting against the evil spy agents.  They're chapter books with very few illustrations.

The Little Big Fella really enjoys them!  I was quite surprised when we first started reading them last year, because I didn't really think that the Little Big Fella's attention span was big enough.

Goes to show what I know, hey?

This evening he was quite insistent about me reading some of the new book to him at bedtime.  So we read the first chapter or three.

I noticed he was getting very sleepy and asked if he wanted me to stop but he said no.  And so I read my little boy to sleep.

That's such a little sentence; "I read my little boy to sleep" but it makes me all squishy inside.

It's one of the things that makes me feel like I'm an awesome mum, because it's something he enjoys, it's something that's good for him, and it means I stopped fussing about the busy stuff and made space for my son.

Those are the sweet moments!

And you know what?  I can make more of those!  Just by setting aside the task list and allowing moments of learning, fun and connection with my son.

And my husband, for that matter!  I have the power to do that!  Awesome :-)

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