Saturday, 14 September 2013

Have a laugh!

I love British comedy!

The other night the Big Fella and I stumbled across a British panel comedy show that literally had us in tears.  And a comedy movie that stands out in my memory is "Keeping Mum" - a black comedy starring Rowan Atkinson and Maggie Smith.

One of the things I love about British humour is the wit and intelligence.

The Big Fella and I often find American comedy makes us cringe because of the uncomfortable situations the characters are put in.  You can see the discomfort coming and you feel for them.  It feels too much like awkward teenage years!!!

But witty humour is clever and you can laugh without that undercurrent of feeling like it's at someone else's expense.

The panel show we came across the other night had a section where the panelists had to do stand-up comedy about a topic on the spot.  These comedians were quick!!!  They were funny and entertaining and clever.  And I find that entertaining.

In the Australian scene, "Good News Week" and "The Chasers" have tickled my funny bone.  I guess political humour suits me too, again because it's clever and witty.

Maybe I'm a humour snob????

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