Thursday, 12 September 2013


It's the early part of September, which is the first month of Spring in this part of the world.

Given that little bit of information, can you guess what this is?

I doubt you'll need it, but would you like some thinking music?

Maybe a little elevator-style?

If you're frustrated, you might prefer a little head-banging, double bass-drum pedal, metal-style music.

Okay, enough guessing time because it wasn't that hard, was it?

You got it!  We have our pool up already!!!

And yes, the Little Big Fella played in it for ages before asking me to move it into the sun, so it is warm enough for it.

Coming originally from Victoria, I'm used to it still being rather chilly at this time of year.  The sun starts to show up and the flowers are starting to bring a bit of cheer to the long, grey winter, but the thought of swimming is just ridiculous!!!

There are a couple of bad things that go with the start of swimming season.

The first, and mostly likely to be dramatic in the next few weeks, is that our pool has a hole and won't stay up.  And we can't put an awful lot of water in it either, because it just makes the air go out faster and then the water pours over the side and floods the yard.

The second, and most likely to be dramatic over the next few months, is that our local pool (in the next town) was discovered to have been built over about 200 (now)skeletons.  Given the history of Australia, it seems likely that it's an Aboriginal burial, quite possibly from a massacre by white people.  Yay!  (Yes, that was definitely sarcasm.)

At the moment, it means that the pool won't be opening for a while.  Which also means no swimming lessons for the Little Big Fella this summer.  And he loves swimming lessons (well, swimming in general) so that's a pretty big bummer.

But just like that our swimming/summer is here.  Thankfully our lounge room airconditioner is being collected by a friend today and will be installed some time soon.

Which is particularly good news for my Fellas, because I can get rather... cranky when I get too hot!

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