Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Easter Bunny was here!!!

"Mum!!!  The Easter Bunny was here!!!  He was in my ROOM!!!  And he's left footprints everywhere!!!"

And that's how the day began :-)

Like I said the other day, I love that the small things make my son's day.  Last night's minuscule effort of making a cut-out rabbit footprint and sifting flour around the house was absolutely worth it.  Even cleaning it all up today, after the Little Big Fella had spread it everywhere, was worth it :-)

Lucky we made Easter baskets at playgroup this week!
Thank you, my lovely son, for walking in Easter Bunny's footprints... and spreading them all over the house!!!
Well, even though the Little Big Fella searched the house when he woke up, it turned out that he hadn't found all the eggs the Bunny had left behind!  It turns out he'd left some downstairs as well!  So another search was had (when Daddy woke up).

This time Daddy got to be the egg basket - the other one was full!

Chocolate all over his face = a happy Little Big Fella.  And some nice, clean water to wash it all down ;-)

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