Sunday, 3 March 2013

Have you ever...?

I got rather cross last night.

Our Little Big Fella went to bed with a bit of a cough and runny nose and I knew it was going to be a night of broken sleep.  Sure enough, a couple of hours after bed he woke, coughing and crying.

I went in to try to soothe him and see if there was any way of relieving him.

But over the past few weeks our Little Big Fella has developed a bit of a self-pitying, tantrum-ing side, and it displayed itself in full last night!

You see, instead of allowing me to comfort him, the Little Big Fella indulged in a nice big dose of self-pity, crying pitifully.  This, of course, set his coughing off even more intensely, making him cry more, cough more and so on.

I switched from soothing-Mummy mode to "stop that or you'll make yourself sick"-Mummy mode.

Sure enough, he'd upset himself enough, and caused his coughing to develop to the extent that he literally was sick.

All over himself, his bed, and me.

Have you ever done that to yourself?  I recall getting pretty close a couple of times, but never actually going that far (Mum, you're welcome to contradict me on that one of course!).

Although, I guess there is also the fact that I used to cry so hard I passed out when I was about his age!

What did you do as a child that was over-the-top?

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